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"RFL" is a group of five dedicated musicians who, in addition to their family, professional, and church obligations, find time to pursue their passion:  working together to produce fun, energetic music for a variety of audiences and settings.  Thus the name...ROCKERS 4 LIFE!

We are a local cover band available for hire for a variety of occasions.  See the "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages.

Styles of Music


We cover classic rock, blues, and R&B tunes from the 1950s to today.   

  • 3rd Planet Brewing Co.                              Niceville, FL                                                    9 Oct 21  

  • Harvest Festival                                            Niceville, FL                                                    17 Oct 21

Upcoming Events
  • L.J. Schooner's                                              Niceville, FL                                              Sat, 4 Dec 21, 6-10 PM                                              

  • Private Event                                    Miramar Beach, FL                                      Sat, 11Dec 21                                                            

  • Private Event                                          Niceville, FL                                            Sun, 12 Dec 21